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Current meeting

Friday, Jun. 9, 2017

  • Nofre, David, Mark Priestley, and Gerard Alberts. 2014. “When Technology Became Language: The Origins of the Linguistic Conception of Computer Programming, 1950–1960.” Technology and Culture 55 (1): 40–75. doi:10.1353/tech.2014.0031

Recent meetings

Friday, Jun. 2, 2017

  • Ciborra, Claudio. 2004. “Kairos (and Affectio).” In The Labyrinths of Information, 153–72. Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199275267.003.0008
  • Askey, Dale, and Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe. 2017. “Finding a Way from the Margins to the Middle: Library Information Technology, Leadership, and Culture.” doi:10.18665/sr.303501

Friday, May. 26, 2017

  • Maron, Deborah and Erin Carter. 2017 (draft). “Problematizing metadata.”

Friday, May. 19, 2017

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